Tier 1 Custom Broker

In an effort to become more efficiently in the clearance of cargo from the wharves and airports Jamaica Customs implemented the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) program in 2009. This process saw Jamaica Customs relying more on Customs Brokers than Customs personnel in the processing of clearance documentation for qualified importers.

This prompted the department to introduce the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Customs Brokerage System

WorldTrade eLogistics is qualified as a Tier 1 Customs Brokerage corporation.

Criteria for Tier 1 Custom Brokerage Status

  • · Have an operating Customs Broker’s license for five(5) years or more
  • · Maintain at least ninety five (95%) accuracy on documentation submitted to Jamaica Customs
  • · Maintain an established, registered and verifiable place of business
  • · Be tax compliant with all Revenue/Tax Administrations Departments
  • · Must not have any disciplinary action with the Customs Department or criminal convictions.
  • · Licensed Customs Brokers and staff must be of good character
Tier 1 Custom Broker